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Through planting ideas and sharing transformative tools, our Root.Ed educational curriculum explores the dynamics of unfolding climate change and changing social realities so that we may nurture communities and organizations to grow as thriving and resilient systems for the healing and evolution of their communities and the earth. Recognizing that education about future climate realities, social trauma, and interreligious and interracial divisions can bring grief and uncertainty, our Root.Ed curriculum emphasizes compassionate transformation and the creation of supported but challenging space for individual empowerment and discernment. All climate change education is paired with reproducible skills that utilize local materials and capacities to build resiliency. Our educational resources are tailored for use by NGOs, non-profit organizations, policy makers, schools, eco-villages, and other organizations as customizable products, workshops, and/or consultations. We also share some resources free of charge and partner with other organizations so that on a grassroots level knowledge may be shared, adapted, and applied as broadly as possible.

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