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Grow Community:
Local + Local + Local = Global

While the climate crisis is daunting, we take the approach that Local+Local+Local=Global, such that when we connect and energize the many individual efforts working towards a sustainable future, a global movement emerges that makes civilizational scale change possible. 


Project Overview

BioVillages are sustainable housing communities that go beyond low carbon living. We bring humans and nature together in a mutually beneficial, environmentally net positive way! Each land restoration project is fitted to its local region but with replicable aspects that permit expansion to other regions. BioVillages are founded upon environmental and social justice, co-created principles to build a community with an exceptional quality of life for all.

Project Status

BioVillage development currently in a capacity building phase as we assess prospective locations, cultivate local partnerships, and work with long-range climate change models to determine viability for our first BioVillage.


Project Overview

Our BioCongo project in the Democratic Republic of Congo brings climate change education to one of the most ecologically and socially vital regions of the world. The Congo houses more endangered species than the rest of Africa combined. Home to the second largest rainforest and largest wetland in the world, its population is among the most exploited in history, due to the richness of the rare minerals found there. As a company, we seek to implement environmental justice for the people of the Congo. By partnering with local organizations and co-creating learning materials with community leaders, we are investing in their education, localized climate crisis response, and resilience strategies.

Project Status

BioCongo is currently in a capacity building phase as we cultivate local partnerships within DRC and surrounding regions. BioEarth is currently working with organizations like Vijana Africa to ensure localized impact as we further develop the BioCongo program. For more about Vijana Africa visit:

BioEarth Global Partners and Collaborators

Vijana Africa:

Vijana Africa is a community based organization implemented in Dzaleka since February 2015. The organization was founded by refugees and asylum seekers who decided to be a part of the solution to their fellow refugees’ common challenges. Vijana Africa empowers women to self-reliance through rabbits, turkeys, and pigs farming. We also empower peer educators to raise awareness on community challenges such as sexual and reproductive health, peaceful coexistence between refugees and Malawians, Sexual and Gender-based violence, health issues, and many more. This community-based organization empowers the youth to filmmaking and computer basics. In addition, Vijana Africa mentors youth and promote leadership. Furthermore, Vijana Africa leads community services.

Bees for Peace:

Preserving Nature. Promoting Unity. Protecting Our Future. 
We all share life on this earth, we all feed from its flowers and fruits and we all depend on the creatures that make this abundance possible. This is the common ground we all share. Join us and help us preserve it!
1. protect the bees and other creatures that pollinate our flowers and bring nourishment to our bodies
promote peace by connecting communities of faith and no-faith with each other as well as with schools, bee protection organizations and gardening experts.

Mandala Cafe:

Mandala Cafe's mission is to provide dignity, accessibility and mutuality around issues of food and employment. 


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